It Started With a JDAM Enema — Part 2

“It started with a JDAM enema” is what you can tell your Lefto buddies when they ask “What went wrong?” in 2008.

Part 1 of “It Started With a JDAM Emema is HERE  wherin we discuss how the Left has missed the boat on Saddam’s terror connections, and how they opened the door when, in thier haste to convince people that Zarko’s JDAM enema was not a big developement, they pulled up articles on the web showing that Zarqawi was running an al Queda training camp in Iraq before the war and saying Bush was a putz b/c he didn’t “get him when he had the chance.”  I say they did it in “haste” because they didin’t realize that this only shot down their argument that Saddam was not associated with Al Queda before we went into his country and Liberated the Iraqi people….you know like they;ve been telling us for two years. 

It also shows the kind of government documents Liberal Media outlets ignore while they are pursuing an agenda to elect Democrats by trying to convince us that the country is being taken over by Texas Oil Nazis, who will take away all our freedoms and make us sit in Sunday School all day.  And they do it no matter how many US soldiers it kills or how badly it affects the GWOT because “it’s in the public interest.”  The documents do show an Al Queda/Iraq connection prior to the war, and they are the kind the NYT should be going after and informing the public of instead of working for the enemy.

In the meantime, Leftos have been spending the last two years telling us that we’re losing, that we can never win, that the combat pressures on our troops are so high that they “snap” and kill babies, and this all results in the United States being the greatest threat to world peace in history—even worse than NoKos with nukes AND missles or Iranians with just nukes.

Suddenly though, they find themselves in another corner entirely: criticizing what looks to be the dawning of Victory in Iraq.  And their problem is that they have been so busy keeping the information you need FROM you, (and giving the enemy the information it needs) they find themselves with only their own propaganda to rely on.  Which will make them look even more foolish and deceitful in the future.

Of course, using the theory that you are too stupid to notice that things are going our way in Iraq, they are trying to position this as if they were right all along, and recent announcements of troop reductions vindicate their claim that things in Iraq are “a disaster.”

 So here we provide you with some in depth facts, given to you by people who have been paying attention, and who haven’t been lying to you about how bad the war is…or how bad we are as a Nation.

I have been trying, first in my former blog, then on other blogs, to provide updates on successes.  Two elections that they said would never happen meant nothing to the Leftos, nor did the formation of the government they said would never happen.  The Leftos in the audience have been somewhat successful in Pooh-poohing successes as they do come in short intervals made necessary by the devices of politics (both Iraqi and American) and the demands of a largely covert war. So they can be made to look like small things…that is until the aforementioned JDAM Enema administered to Al Zarqawi. 

This is where Hillary Clinton’s stand on the war is going to start making a good deal of sense to people voting in 2008, when the nation is faced with choosing between people who stood behind our troops and our nation in a time of war (or at least straddled the fence like Hillary), and those who stabbed her in the back for short term political gain.  Keep in mind that her husband is a former President, after all, and will have sources of intelligence not available to “lesser lights” within the party (or even the New York Times, who only to demands declassification of stuff harmful to the gummint, instead of joining with members of Congress who follow the rules and demanding the Declassification of the WMD finds being made all over Iraq at the rate of one every other day).  Back stabbing indeed.

Let’s start this way:  go HERE and HERE.  Those are two posts I made in just the past 5 days to show how the pace of operations is ramping up, and the fortunes of the Insurgency is ramping down accordingly.  That brings you current to operations since Zarko became worm food and 6/23.

 Now, go HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE, to bring yourself up to speed on what’s happened in just the past 3 days.  They all describe raids wherein more than 25 terrorist have been killed and many captured, fro three different Insurgent groups in Iraq, and all on actionable intelligence from Iraqi civilian informants or intelligence gained on previous raids. 

Or you can go here to STRATEGY PAGE and read the story that goes along with these money quotes:

Al Qaeda in Iraq has been virtually wiped out by the loss of an address book. The death of al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al Zarqawi was not as important as the capture of his address book and other planning documents in the wake of the June 7th bombing. U.S. troops are trained to quickly search for names and addresses when they stage a raid, pass that data on to a special intelligence cell, which then quickly sorts out which of the addresses should be raided immediately, before the enemy there can be warned that their identity has been compromised. More information is obtained in those raids, and that generates more raids. So far, the June 7th strike has led to over 500 more raids. There have been so many raids, that there are not enough U.S. troops to handle it, and over 30 percent of the raids have been carried by Iraqi troops or police, with no U.S. involvement. Nearly a thousand terrorist suspects have been killed or captured. The amount of information captured has overwhelmed intelligence organizations in Iraq, and more translators and analysts are assisting, via satellite link, from the United States and other locations. 

But all we hear from Jackiepoo Murtha is that we can’t hope to win, and the NYT is too busy running a covert operation for al Queda to notice.

Perhaps the most valuable finds have been al Qaeda planning documents confirming what has been suspected of  terrorist strategy. Also valuable have been the al Qaeda assessment of their situation in Iraq. The terrorist strategy is one of desperation.


Zarqawi considered al Qaeda’s situation in Iraq as “bleak.” The most worrisome development was the growing number of trained Iraqi soldiers and police. These were able to easily spot the foreigners who made up so much of al Qaeda’s strength. Moreover, more police and soldiers in an area meant some local civilians would feel safe enough to report al Qaeda activity. The result of all this is that there are far fewer foreign Arabs in Iraq fighting for al Qaeda. The terrorist organization has basically been taken over anti-government Sunni Arabs. That made the capture of Zarqawi even more valuable, as his address book contained a who’s who of the anti-government Sunni Arab forces. This group has been hurt badly by last week’s raids. 

OK, so a lot of bad guys are assuming room temperature, there’s more where they came from, right? 


 Strategy Page’s concluding paragraph continas this:

The  damage done by the post- Zarqawi raids has spurred the Sunni Arab amnesty negotiations. These have been stalled for months over the issue of how many Sunni Arabs, with “blood on their hands”, should get amnesty. Letting the killers walk is a very contentious issue.

Killing and capturing bad guys eventually leads to two things:  no bad guys, or bad guys trying to make nice at the negotiating table.  proven by this post from Iraq The Model 

Seven militant groups announced their desire to join the political process in accordance with the reconciliation project and said they were ready to enter a truce and stop the violence.

MP Hassan al-Sinaid-whose close to PM Maliki-said third parties conveyed the message of the seven groups confirming that they were not involved in Iraqi bloodshed suggesting they’re eligible to benefit from the initiative.

Al-Sinaid said it was possible that Maliki would meet representatives of these seven groups either directly or indirectly, because he’s concerned about the success of the initiative and is keen to gather support for it. Al-Sinaid adds “al-Maliki believes in political measures now, and not only in military ones”.

According to those third parties, the militant groups consider the initiative tempting which encouraged them to respond positively, and at the same time pointed out that it’s possible to win other groups into the project as they will not find a good reason to say no.
Initial information indicates that the seven groups are: the brigades of the 1920 revolution, the army of Mohammed, Heroes of Iraq, the 4/9 organization, Al-Fatih brigades and finally the general command of armed forces.

For my history imparied freinds on the Left, when the bad guys comes to yournegotiating table, instead of you to thiers, that’s how wars end and Victories begin.

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  1. […] Just 10 days ago, I reported that seven insurgent groups were negotiating with the Iraqi Government in my post It All Started With a JDAM Enema, Part 2.  The number has more than doubled.  While there is still more than enough violence to go around, and the more hardline of the bad actors in Iraq will likely increase their violent acts against innocent civilians in order to make this developement appear to be insignficant, the movement towards peace cannot be denied.  It’s all just a matter of the details of the agreement reached between the parties involved. […]

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