More News the NYT Won’t be Giving you

More news the New York Times should be telling the people of the US instead of acting as an Information Service for thier enemy:

Iraq hints at compromise as nearly 20 rebel groups talk of peace
Ammar Karim
July 5, 2006
BAGHDAD —  Iraq hinted on Wednesday that it might be ready to compromise in negotiations with insurgents as officials said that nearly 20 rebel groups had expressed an interest in opening talks on certain conditions.

While folks round these parts keep saying that things are going badly in Iraq, and there is still plenty of violence, the number of rebel groups negotiating with the Maliki government continues to grow.

Just 10 days ago, I reported that seven insurgent groups were negotiating with the Iraqi Government in my post It All Started With a JDAM Enema, Part 2.  The number has more than doubled.  While there is still more than enough violence to go around, and the more hardline of the bad actors in Iraq will likely increase their violent acts against innocent civilians in order to make this developement appear to be insignficant, the movement towards peace cannot be denied.  It’s all just a matter of the details of the agreement reached between the parties involved.

Be prepared for the Anti-War left to characterize and Amnesty as a failure of the Bush Administration, but keep in mind that they really do not want the war to end, as it gives them what they think is thier best politicall tool.

My personal desire would be that the Maliki government hold fast on it’s determination to make any withdrawal of US troops contingent on conditions on the ground, rather than a set timetable.

As to any Amnesty for folks over there who atacked only US troops…whatever it takes to bring the other 130,000 of them home without iraq devolving into a vicious Civil War and keeps them as freinds and allies in the Global War on Terror will be a realization of what our troops have fought and died for.  This post by a soldier currently serving in Iraq sums it all up nicely for me:

Much is made over the enormous civilian cost of the Iraq War, as if Saddam could have been removed by a simple vote of no confidence at the UN. The Arab world concedes that it is a good thing to be rid of the Butcher of Baghdad, yet lectures us that it is something that Iraqis should have done for themselves. But what do you suppose the toll of a true Iraqi revolution would have been? Assuming they could even have pulled it off in this lifetime — a stretch by any imagination — would not a bona fide civil war have been the result? And not simply a low-intensity cycle of revenge killings and random violence as we’re seeing now, but a Lebanese-style wholesale shelling of neighborhoods and annihilation of cities? Is there any doubt that out of the ashes would have arisen yet another monstrous power-mad tyrant? That the hard decision we declined to put off was between a bad choice and a worse alternative?

The U.S. military could have about-faced and got the heck out of Dodge after the statues came down and returned home en masse to another Gulf War parade with less than 150 flag-draped caskets. And then we could have flipped on the tube and watched the genocidal bloodletting from the comfort of our couches just like most of our countrymen do today. It’s not like we haven’t done it before.

But that was then, this is now.

“War,” according to Thomas Paine, “involves in its progress such a train of unforeseen and unsupposed circumstances…that no human wisdom can calculate the end.”

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  1. OK you asked me to come to your blog or asked me why I did not post here. Well I’m here. Wanna pick up where we left off?

    The enemy is still free to fall back regroup, rearm, plan and attack. The US is in reaction mode. All this rebuilding crap is nothing when the enemy can basically kill at will.

    There will be no more taking of towns like Falujah because the administration has succimbed to political correctness. We are not winning we are in a Mexican standoff, hamstrung just like Viet Nam and until this administration goes on full attack, just like Israel we will not be anywhere near winning.

    You combine this with now having to answer to the newly formed governemnt and their whims, this does not bode well for us at all.

  2. Not sure what you mean by “not boding well.” Our mission in Iraq was to go there, find the WMD, liberate the people from an evil dictator, show them how to set up a demcocracy and then leave.

    Which part of that mission is threatened?

    We began with having to take control of the entire country, and stave off attacks from groups bent on preventing the formation of the government and ejecting us from the country before it happened. We then fought people trying to overthrow that government once it was established, while simultaneoulsy fighting foreigners in the country who had the same purpose but a different ultimate goal.

    Now we’re fighting a Shiite ilitia in a couple fo neighborhoods in a city twice the size of Houston. The foreign fighters have been decimated, and the groups bent on overthrowing the government are now asking for it’s help, negotiating surrender, and stoped fighting it.

    Dosen;t sound like a stand off to me. who are we in the standoff with?

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