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The source for this is the State Department.  You can go here:

 Continue reading "Key Alquda Kills "

To get the link.  But I'm at home on dial up and it's taking forever for the machine to load it, so I'll just paste it here:

Key Kills
June 4: Abu Yazid – foreign fighter facilitator/operational planner (al
June 7: Abu Musab al Zarqawi (AMZ) – AQIZ leader (Baquba)
June 7: Sheikh Abd al Rahman – AMZ spiritual advisor (Baquba)
June 8-9: AMZ follow-on operations kill five additional terrorists and detain
multiple others (Baghdad)
June 11: Nazir, Aysar, Abu Thawban – foreign fighter facilitators (al
June 16: Abu Abdullah – foreign fighter tied to Sheikh Mansur (Northwest of
June 16: Sheikh Mansur and two other terrorists (Yusifiyah)
Key Captures (names withheld)
June 8: An AQIZ military cell leader in Baghdad (Baghdad)
June 9: A senior AQIZ foreign fighter network facilitator (Fallujah)
June 10: A senior Ramadi-based AQIZ leader (Yusifiyah)
June 18: A senior AQIZ Taji-based terrorist cell leader (Yusifiyah)


Not bad for two weeks work.

But hey, some folks will tell you that we're going about this whole "Kill Bad Guys " thing all wrong…..

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  1. Excellent work by our military intelligence.

    A little off topic: Why are our Marines and a Navy Corpsman being held in solitary confinement in Pendleton for killing a civilian and several held in the Haditha incident for “killing of civilians” when the bombing of Zarqawi killed a women and her child? Why no uproar about that? Not that there should be, but it just seems to me a double standard. I also wonder why the DLWM chose to ignore that when they could have jumped on it. None of our military personnel should be held for “murder” in a time of war. These are civilian casualties and that happens in any war. Just my opinion.

  2. clock fixed

    I don;t know if you listened to the Marine JAG officer on Edd’s show Thursday, but he explained that the decision on the level of pre-trial confinement is decided by the Commander of the Unit that recommends charges be brought.

    This case looks to be, at least from what I have read, a bit more “open and shut” than the Haditha case.

    As to the civilians killed with Zarqawi, or killed accidentaly in any engagement, that is covered by the Geneva Convention this way:

    If a combatant puts a civilian at risk, it is he who is guilty of the war crime, not the combatant who kills those civilians.

    In other words, if Insurgents take up a postiion in a hospital and begins sniping at troops and patinets inside are killed wheh they return fire, it is the Insurgent who is guilty of a war crime, because he put those people in danger by conducting an offensive operation from where they were.

  3. Yes, I listened to the JAG officer and I have plenty of faith in our military (more so than civilian courts).

    I guess I disagree with the Commander of the Unit that our troops should be kept in confinement and treated worse than the terrorists at Gitmo.

    I understand the Geneva Convention. I didn’t know that the Geneva Convention applied to terrorists. I thought it applied to countries who signed it and whose military work uniforms.

    Sarge, forgive me for not having a military background.

  4. Sorry, “military wore uniforms.”

    The Rules of engagement change for every type of war. We cannot fight this war using PC Geneva Convention normal war type fighting. It will not work. It makes us look weak.

  5. Gee, Killing the bad guys… Isn’t that what we were doing in WWII and all of the other military actions?

    It just shows the state of the world where the only way a country or group of people can fight the USA is to hide behind civilians and ambush us and plant IED’s….

  6. Gee I thought that was what the military was supposed to do. Kill Bad guys….

  7. The problem is we’re not fighting true soldiers in the military sense. We’re fighting Soldiers of Islam. Big difference.

  8. According to the Geneva convention, you are correct. This does give us a lot of leeway, which we are using. Unfortunatley, Democrats and Liberals who will criticize ANYTHING this Administration does keeps telling people that when we do it we are evil people. Take what is continually said about the Terrorists we have in Guantanamo.

    As to our soldiers actions in combat, because we are signatories to the convention, they are bound by it’s rules. Intentional killing of civilians, as opposed to accidental or their being killed because the actions of other combatants puts them in harms way, is a War Crime…and we investigate, prosecute, and punish our soldeires if and when they do.

    Our enemy, who the Democrats would leave in charge over ther, REWARDS thier combatants when civilians are killed. Civilians are thier primary targets.

  9. sarge, I believe the Dems were more outspoken last week about the brutal murders of the 2 soldiers (one from Houston).

    Were you satisfied with Bush’s response to that tragedy?

    I agree, the media focuses more on the bad things our guys do than on the bad things happening to them, but if there’s nothing to report then you can’t lay all the blame at their feet.

    A lot of conservatives are pissed off at the reaction from Bush and the administration to those killings. Are you?

  10. I should say “a lot of conservatives are pissed off at the lack of a proper reaction from Bush and the administration to those killings.”

  11. I'll disagree whole heartedly and emphatically on your statement that Conservatives are disappointed in the reaction from Bush about those soldiers.

    In fact, if you want, I can start a thread that contains links to all of the Conservative and Military blogs that complained more about the Democrats and MSM emphasizing supposed crimes by our soldiers at Haditah and Gitmo more than they have about the sacrifices and heroism of our soldiers than showing outrage over these deaths.

    and, of course, you are welocme to post any comments from Conservatives expressing thier dissatisfaction about the Administration's reaction.

    That's all you need to do to prove your statement.

    Let's see some.


    Tell ya what Shakey;

    go ther and tell me how many commenters have a problem with Bush’s reaction.

    After you’re done, I’ll go through there and tally up how many have a problem with the press and with the Democrats.

    CONTENT WARNING: This is a forum for and by soldiers, and solder talk is used freely and unmoderated. If you have problems with the “sh” word, let alone the “f” word, don’t go there.

  13. Hi Sarge.

    I think GWB’s response was appropriate for our CIC. His supprise trip to Iraq took bronze “ornaments”.


  14. Yeah;

    We had soldiers in a infinetly safer environment for a good deal of clinton’s presidency. He never went over there…and I can’t recall if any Cabinet member ever did. so far in this one we’ve had the pres, the Veep, SEcDef and SecState all fly into what the Democrats want you to belive s a howling wilderness whre death is around every corner.

    Brass ornaments, indeed.

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