Senator Roberts Getting Tough


Pasted here in it’s entirety:

The following letter from the Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to the DNI was sent today and obtained by PJM’s editors:

June 27, 2006

The Honorable John D. Negroponte
Director of National Intelligence
Washington, D.C. 20511
Dear Mr. Director:

Unauthorized disclosures of classified information continue to threaten our national security – exposing our sensitive intelligence sources and methods to our enemies.

Numerous, recent unauthorized disclosures of sensitive intelligence programs have directly threatened important efforts in the war against terrorism.

Whether the President’s Terrorist Surveillance Program or the Department of Treasury’s effort to track terrorist financing, we have been unable to persuade the media to act responsibly and protect the means by which we protect this nation.

To gain a better understanding of the damage caused by unauthorized disclosures of this type, I ask that you perform an assessment of the damage caused by the unauthorized disclosure of some of our most sensitive intelligence programs. While your assessment may range beyond the President’s Terrorist Surveillance Program and Treasury’s Terrorist Finance Tracking Program, I am particularly interested in the damage attributable to these two unauthorized disclosures.


Pat Roberts

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NY Times Exposes More Intelligence Abuses By Texas Oil Nazis

I was going to spend my lunch hour writing on how bloggers around the country have figured out that Jack Murtha advised the NYT to print it’s article exposing the SWIFT “scandal” but HOT AIR has that covered, and ACE OF SPADES HQ says what I wanted to say (CONTENT WARNING).

But then I see that Ace links to a story by the NYT that has me turned all around.


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It Started With a JDAM Enema — Part 2

“It started with a JDAM enema” is what you can tell your Lefto buddies when they ask “What went wrong?” in 2008.

Part 1 of “It Started With a JDAM Emema is HERE  wherin we discuss how the Left has missed the boat on Saddam’s terror connections, and how they opened the door when, in thier haste to convince people that Zarko’s JDAM enema was not a big developement, they pulled up articles on the web showing that Zarqawi was running an al Queda training camp in Iraq before the war and saying Bush was a putz b/c he didn’t “get him when he had the chance.”  I say they did it in “haste” because they didin’t realize that this only shot down their argument that Saddam was not associated with Al Queda before we went into his country and Liberated the Iraqi people….you know like they;ve been telling us for two years. 

It also shows the kind of government documents Liberal Media outlets ignore while they are pursuing an agenda to elect Democrats by trying to convince us that the country is being taken over by Texas Oil Nazis, who will take away all our freedoms and make us sit in Sunday School all day.  And they do it no matter how many US soldiers it kills or how badly it affects the GWOT because “it’s in the public interest.”  The documents do show an Al Queda/Iraq connection prior to the war, and they are the kind the NYT should be going after and informing the public of instead of working for the enemy.

In the meantime, Leftos have been spending the last two years telling us that we’re losing, that we can never win, that the combat pressures on our troops are so high that they “snap” and kill babies, and this all results in the United States being the greatest threat to world peace in history—even worse than NoKos with nukes AND missles or Iranians with just nukes.

Suddenly though, they find themselves in another corner entirely: criticizing what looks to be the dawning of Victory in Iraq.  And their problem is that they have been so busy keeping the information you need FROM you, (and giving the enemy the information it needs) they find themselves with only their own propaganda to rely on.  Which will make them look even more foolish and deceitful in the future.

Of course, using the theory that you are too stupid to notice that things are going our way in Iraq, they are trying to position this as if they were right all along, and recent announcements of troop reductions vindicate their claim that things in Iraq are “a disaster.”

 So here we provide you with some in depth facts, given to you by people who have been paying attention, and who haven’t been lying to you about how bad the war is…or how bad we are as a Nation.


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It All Started With a JDAM Enema

A couple weeks ago, Liberals and Democrats got caught unawares when Zarqawi got his JDAM enema and assumed worm food status.  Suddenly, they had been caught with news from Iraq that they couldn't immediately spin as being a negative developement.  In thier quest to make all news from Iraq BAD news, Left Wing bloggers andthier sock puppets scoured the web and found that US Intelligence knew that Zarko was running a training camp in Iraq before the war, and dutifully trotted that fact out to show that GWB was a failure becuase he hadn't gotten Zarko back then.  Unfortunatley, they did that before they realized just how much it undermined thier "Saddam had no connection to Al Queda before the war"  (Bushlied, people died) argument.  They had stumbled across information that guys like me had been telling folks all along, shooting holes in thier own arguments and validating mine in the process. (more…)

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Q: When is a Time Schedule Not a Time Schedule?

Q:  When is a Time Schedule not a Time Schedule? 

A:  When Democrats say the Iraqis have come up with a plan that sets a time schedule for the US withdrawing from Iraq.

 I read with humor some newspaper articles and comments on Liberal blogs that the Iraqi Government has proposed a plan that included a date certain time schedule for the US with drawing from  Iraq, saying that this has vindicated the Democrat Cut and Run policy.

BUT this seems to be a case of the typical Liberal reporting something is true just because they want it to be, you know like indictments that turn out not to be indictments, investigations that turn out not to be investigations, and National Guard documents that turn out to be forgeries, and Marines are guilty of War Crimes before the investigation is over.  So you can go to blogs which report that way, complete with smart assed (but uninformed) comments, or you can come here where we wait to verify if things are true before we say they are.


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In response to a comment about people requireing "Standing" to criticize Jackiepoo Murtha for his being a total ass.

 Posted here in it's entirety, an entry in MilBlogs by this gent:

Rep. Murtha plays the bully

[CDR Salamander]

All due respect to Rep. Murtha and all, but I am sorry; just because you served does not give you the right to play bully-boy with those who have not.

Sure, it is OK, sometimes, if you are backed into a corner to pull out your DD214 if someone who never served is talking about Tactical issues and is smearing and/or sending out bad gouge, etc; but when it comes to Strategic issues, I am sick of the "You haven't served, you can't disagree with me. My opinion cannot be questioned." way of avoiding the core issue.

That is so old, tired, and foolish. Prime Minister Thatcher never served, however it can be argued that she is easily in the Top 5 civilian leaders who "Got it." Should she have caved to the opinion of some Old Labor defeatist who thought they should give the Falklands to the Argentineans, or unilaterally disarmed in the face of the Soviets just because he spent the mid-1940 fighting his way up Italy? No. The Chickenhawk habit is way past Chicken$(%t. Here is the video. It says it was posted by ”Nancy Pelosi”, and most of the video "she" has is pro Left. Maybe it is just me, but I don't think this had the desired effect.

BTW…if you want to find out what people with "standing" think about Jackiepoo go here:

and type "murtha" in the search box on the RIGHT…then just feeeellll the looooove

After your done with that go here for some more folks with "standing":

and type in "murtha" in thier search engine AT THE TOP.


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Sometimes the Comments Just Write Themselves

MIAMI — American presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran, Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., said to an audience of more than 200 in North Miami Saturday afternoon.
Murtha was the guest speaker at a town hall meeting organized by Rep. Kendrick B. Meek, D-Miami, at Florida International University’s Biscayne Bay Campus. Meek’s mother, former Rep. Carrie Meek, D-Miami, was also on the panel.

Of course, we can't criticize him, because he's a decorated combat veteran. 

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Score Card Update

Yup, already.

Those who claim that we are fighting a war that is "too PC' just aren't keeping score of the number of dead and captured bad guys.  Same thing with the guys who say we can't win or we're doing it wrong.  Funny how the picture changes when you're well informed.  These are press releases from CENTCOM on 23 June:


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So What Kind of Folks Will Be In Charge If We Leave Iraq too soon?

This kind:

Wives and family members of soldiers fighting in Iraq have received telephone calls, believed to include death threats, from insurgents, according to military documents seen by The Sunday Telegraph.


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Score Card

The source for this is the State Department.  You can go here:

 Continue reading "Key Alquda Kills "

To get the link.  But I'm at home on dial up and it's taking forever for the machine to load it, so I'll just paste it here:

Key Kills
June 4: Abu Yazid – foreign fighter facilitator/operational planner (al
June 7: Abu Musab al Zarqawi (AMZ) – AQIZ leader (Baquba)
June 7: Sheikh Abd al Rahman – AMZ spiritual advisor (Baquba)
June 8-9: AMZ follow-on operations kill five additional terrorists and detain
multiple others (Baghdad)
June 11: Nazir, Aysar, Abu Thawban – foreign fighter facilitators (al
June 16: Abu Abdullah – foreign fighter tied to Sheikh Mansur (Northwest of
June 16: Sheikh Mansur and two other terrorists (Yusifiyah)
Key Captures (names withheld)
June 8: An AQIZ military cell leader in Baghdad (Baghdad)
June 9: A senior AQIZ foreign fighter network facilitator (Fallujah)
June 10: A senior Ramadi-based AQIZ leader (Yusifiyah)
June 18: A senior AQIZ Taji-based terrorist cell leader (Yusifiyah)


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