Score Card Update

Yup, already.

Those who claim that we are fighting a war that is "too PC' just aren't keeping score of the number of dead and captured bad guys.  Same thing with the guys who say we can't win or we're doing it wrong.  Funny how the picture changes when you're well informed.  These are press releases from CENTCOM on 23 June:


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So What Kind of Folks Will Be In Charge If We Leave Iraq too soon?

This kind:

Wives and family members of soldiers fighting in Iraq have received telephone calls, believed to include death threats, from insurgents, according to military documents seen by The Sunday Telegraph.


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Score Card

The source for this is the State Department.  You can go here:

 Continue reading "Key Alquda Kills "

To get the link.  But I'm at home on dial up and it's taking forever for the machine to load it, so I'll just paste it here:

Key Kills
June 4: Abu Yazid – foreign fighter facilitator/operational planner (al
June 7: Abu Musab al Zarqawi (AMZ) – AQIZ leader (Baquba)
June 7: Sheikh Abd al Rahman – AMZ spiritual advisor (Baquba)
June 8-9: AMZ follow-on operations kill five additional terrorists and detain
multiple others (Baghdad)
June 11: Nazir, Aysar, Abu Thawban – foreign fighter facilitators (al
June 16: Abu Abdullah – foreign fighter tied to Sheikh Mansur (Northwest of
June 16: Sheikh Mansur and two other terrorists (Yusifiyah)
Key Captures (names withheld)
June 8: An AQIZ military cell leader in Baghdad (Baghdad)
June 9: A senior AQIZ foreign fighter network facilitator (Fallujah)
June 10: A senior Ramadi-based AQIZ leader (Yusifiyah)
June 18: A senior AQIZ Taji-based terrorist cell leader (Yusifiyah)


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Why Is the Existence of WMD Still Being Kept Classified?

OK.  Read the title of this post carefully.  it is NOT intended as an argument that the recent declassification of a document (find the source document here: ) which states that Pre Gulf War WMD munitions have been discovered in Iraq justifies us going to war.  It does, however, make conclusions that are favorable to the Bush Administration and decisions it has made in the conduct of the war, and there are people about who's entire purpose in life is to snuff out anything that does not classify Bush as downright evil, so they will debate my conclusions as if this WERE an argument that justifies us going to war.

People on one side of the "Should we have gone to war?" question will rightfully point out that these weapons were not the ones we were looking for.  Those on the other side of the argument will rightly point out, however, that these weapons were't even supposed to be there because Saddam Hussein and the United Nations had certified that they had been destroyed, and that's the reason we weren't looking for them. 

No matter which side you fall on, none of this will change minds on either side of that argument.


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New England Politician Crashes Car, Wanders Away, Has no Memory…

H/T Ace of spades 

Police say a New England Politician crashed his car in an accident, wandered away in a daze, swam across a river and huddled in the woods for warmth until he was found a day later, according to documents released Tuesday.

So what? You say…this is not news.

 Yes it is—cuz he's NOT a KENNEDY


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NYT on Al Queda Staff?

Andrew McCarthy makes some excellent points here:

Regarding the latest "scandal" that the NY Times claims to have exposed regarding the government's efforts to track Al Queda's financial transactions:For the second time in seven months, the Times has exposed classified information about a program aimed at protecting the American people against a repeat of the September 11 attacks. On this occasion, it has company in the effort: The Los Angeles Times runs a similar, sensational story. Together, the newspapers disclose the fact that the United States has covertly developed a capability to monitor the nerve center of the international financial network in order to track the movement of funds between terrorists and their facilitators.



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NoKos not so Long Dong

Questions asked on LST this Am regarding Kim Jong Il's Dong ca n be answered here:

First off, Kim Jong Il doesn't have a Dong. It's NoDong…which is the same thing.

The hype kicked into high gear when the New York Times claimed that the Norks "completed fueling a long-range ballistic missile" over the weekend. But the report is getting fishier by the second. The Norks generally rely on a highly corrosive gasoline-kerosene mix for their missile fuel, and an oxidizer containing nitric acid. It's nasty, metal-eating stuff. And once fueled up, the missile has to be launched quickly — two or three days, I've been told — or else the missile is basically ruined.It's now been four days. And there's been no launch. Which means it's becoming increasingly unlikely that a missile has been fueled. So much for Perry's demand "to strike the [missile] if North Korea refuses to drain the fuel out."

And, of course, there may not be an ICBM at all. Remember, the North Koreans have launched exactly one intermediate-range ballistic missile, in 1998. The thing — a combination of smaller, Nodong and Scud missiles — went about 2,000 km or so. Now, U.S. intelligence assumes the Norks have been working on strapping together more Nodongs and Scuds (or, at least, their engines) for an ICBM — something that can reach three to five times further, and hit the U.S. But no one has actually seen the weapon. Even how many the stages the mystery missile has in unknown; some folks say two, others say three.

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Friday Open Comments

Sorry it took so long to get hre this AM. Had a breakfast meeting. Not sure why folks are having a hard time posting as I'm getting comments from at least one other blogger.

You'll need to log in.  Click on "Comments" and then when that box comes up, click on "log in," then use your WordPress ID and password and it should come up.

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Thursday Open Comments

I'm here.

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Is The Left Turning On Jack Murtha?,mondo1,70696,6.html

 The Village Voice can be called many things.  Liberal is certainly one of them.  Not even the most dedicated Kos diarist could call this paper a "Wing Nut Rag."

 So why do they open thier story like this?

 Being called a coward could turn out to be the least of Pennsylvania congressman John Murtha's problems.

 Of course it could be that even a Liberal paper can stand just so much hypocrisy and corruption.

Murtha's ties to his brother's lobbying firm are once again coming under scrutiny. Some 10 companies with ties to KSA Consulting, a lobbying firm where Murtha's brother Robert is a senior partner, got $20.8 million in defense contracts. The Los Angeles Times in June reported that the funding was passed as part of the Pentagon's overall $417 billion spending bill. Roll Call recently reported Murtha leaning on Navy officials to transfer the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard to San Francisco on land whose rights were at one time held by a company whose top execs included Laurence Pelosi, a relative of Nancy Pelosi's. Murtha is widely credited with being a prime figure in getting Pelosi the Democratic minority leader job in the House. Pelosi's office said the suggestion Pelosi was involved in any impropriety was "absolutely ludicrous."

That's right Laurence Pelosi, nephew of Nancy Pelosi, Representative from San Francisco (where Hunter's Point NS is located), Mizz "Culture of Corruption herself.  And, coincidentally, the person who will be in the best position to get Jackie Poo into the House Majority Leader role he craves if the Democrats win control of the House.

Lotsa back scratchin' goin' on roun' here…..


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