Q: When is a Time Schedule Not a Time Schedule?

Q:  When is a Time Schedule not a Time Schedule? 

A:  When Democrats say the Iraqis have come up with a plan that sets a time schedule for the US withdrawing from Iraq.

 I read with humor some newspaper articles and comments on Liberal blogs that the Iraqi Government has proposed a plan that included a date certain time schedule for the US with drawing from  Iraq, saying that this has vindicated the Democrat Cut and Run policy.

BUT this seems to be a case of the typical Liberal reporting something is true just because they want it to be, you know like indictments that turn out not to be indictments, investigations that turn out not to be investigations, and National Guard documents that turn out to be forgeries, and Marines are guilty of War Crimes before the investigation is over.  So you can go to blogs which report that way, complete with smart assed (but uninformed) comments, or you can come here where we wait to verify if things are true before we say they are.

Where we provide the links to the stories we comment on (albeit with the occasional smart assed, but informed comment), and where we wait for:

MNF Iraq to report the story in which it says:

BAGHDAD, Iraq (June 25, 2006) – Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki proposed new ideas Sunday to diminish violence in Iraq and reduce dependence on Coalition forces helping to secure the country.

Although there is no timeline for Coalition forces to withdraw, al-Maliki proposed strengthening forces within the ministries of Defense and Interior.

He seeks to reconcile with nonviolent insurgents and welcome them to the fold of Iraq's democratic government, but issued a stern warning to insurgents who caused death and destruction.

"The launch of this national reconciliation initiative should not be read as a reward for the killers and criminals or acceptance of their actions. No, 1,000 times no. There can be no agreement with them unless they face the justice," he said.

And then we look for another source to verify it, which we find reported in a story at  Global Security that tells us:

Stressing the importance of national reconciliation and dialogue, al-Maliki presented the plan to parliament following intense negotiation among the parties that make up the governing coalition.


Al-Maliki said he was offering an "olive branch" to insurgents who renounce violence but said to those who "insist on killing and terrorism we present a fist of power of law."

He said the amnesty does not apply to those who have already committed murder or terrorist acts.

Al-Maliki, a Shi'a, also said that political parties taking part in the government must clearly reject "terrorists and Saddamists" and that his government would address the "problem of militias and illegal armed groups."


But the prime minister's plan does not set any timetable for Iraqi troops to take over security duties from U.S.-led coalition troops in Iraq. It was expected that al-Maliki would give some sort of schedule for such a shift in duties.

In the interest of truth, we will bring your attention to the parts of the both stories that say this is a plan presented to Iraq's Parliament.  It won't be final until the votes are taken and the bills signed.  It IS a Democracy now, after all (thanks to the United States), and things do take time. 

When the plan is finalized, though, you can be assured that we will not report the details until we have double checked them with ay least two sources, provide you with the links so you can check them yourselves, and not just report things we hope are true, or that we want you to beleive whether they are or not.

Even our smart assed comments are better.

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