New England Politician Crashes Car, Wanders Away, Has no Memory…

H/T Ace of spades 

Police say a New England Politician crashed his car in an accident, wandered away in a daze, swam across a river and huddled in the woods for warmth until he was found a day later, according to documents released Tuesday.

So what? You say…this is not news.

 Yes it is—cuz he's NOT a KENNEDY

The other big news, of course, is that he didn't have any women in the car.  Nope, this is another example of the"Culture of Corruption" in one of the political parties.

"Dodds, 41, of Rye, has not been charged with any crime."

During the accident investigation, a search was made of the car.  But even though he was NOT a Kennedy, we see that the Police  did what they could to insure the information did not become public.

"The unsealed documents, which total more than 100 pages, pointed out that Dodds' clothes were dry, yet his shoes were soaking wet when he was found in April. He spoke of a head injury, but showed no bumps or bruises on his head and there was no damage to the car indicating that he had hit his head, police said. Also, no one saw or heard him cross the Bellamy River."Among the documents was a search warrant to examine Dodds' clothing signed by Hampton District Court Judge Francis Frasier on May 2; the affidavit; letters from the Federal Election Commission to Dodds' campaign treasurer about the campaign being delinquent in filing year-end financial records; and financial statements.

The documents had been sealed after police argued that releasing them could taint the testimony of witnesses yet to be interviewed. Three news organizations — WMUR-TV, Foster's Daily Democrat and the Concord Monitor — petitioned for them to be unsealed, and the state eventually agreed to their release."

 Let's see…New England Poltician crashes car, wanders across a river, doesn't report the accident until the next day, does not have injuries consistent with his story, claims he can't remember, and the Polcie hide information that could be damaging to the Politician's Campaign.

 Other than the woman in the car, what else is missing here…I know it's something…oh yeah, here it is in the LAST paragrah in the story…where you usually find this information:

 "Dodds, a Democrat, is running for the congressional seat held by Republican Jeb Bradley. He will face four other candidates in the primary: Jim Craig of Manchester, Dave Jarvis of Londonderry, Carol Shea-Porter of Rochester and Peter Sullivan of Manchester."

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  1. OK Sarge, figured out how to register and posted a link to it on LST. It wouldn’t let me use “The Dude” as my username, so that’s why I’m “dude67” instead of “The Dude”. Anyway, that ought to get you some traffic.

  2. Thanks Dude;

    Squawk told me about some other options and I’ll be working on those as soon as I get back from my penance lunch with the Little Colonel.

  3. Sarge, it’s good to see you blogging again. Thanx for the reminder to watch out for those New England politicians.

  4. Yeah! Finally registered! Thanks Dude.

    This little stunt will probably get this guy elected. Dims always elect/reelect their trash.

    How many times did Billary say she couldn’t remember, couldn’t recall, etc., then went on to write her “momoirs”? Dims have no shame and see no consequence to their actions.

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  7. Never mind!

    Man is that slow. It says my last post was at 8:40 (it’s 8:30 now) when I posted it before 4:00!

  8. Neo;

    It would have been sooner, but just as the Little Colonel and I returned from lunch, my Blacksheep Brother showed up, and your post languished in the “approval bin” for a few hours longer than expected.

    You should be able to post with impunity now.

  9. Thanks! Sorry for the multiple posts – thought something was wrong! Can you change your clock? Your post says it’s 1:37 a.m.!

  10. LOL…t’s taking me some time to figure out what all the buttons mean and how to change things. Give me some time!

    Keep your eye out…there’s goiong to be a good one here in a few minutes

  11. Sorry Sarge – Don’t mean to push your “buttons!” 😉 Take all the time you need. Just trying to be helpful! You have done an excellent job so far! I love the set up much better than your other one. The font you chose is easy to read, easy on the eyes! Hang in there!

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