Is The Left Turning On Jack Murtha?,mondo1,70696,6.html

 The Village Voice can be called many things.  Liberal is certainly one of them.  Not even the most dedicated Kos diarist could call this paper a "Wing Nut Rag."

 So why do they open thier story like this?

 Being called a coward could turn out to be the least of Pennsylvania congressman John Murtha's problems.

 Of course it could be that even a Liberal paper can stand just so much hypocrisy and corruption.

Murtha's ties to his brother's lobbying firm are once again coming under scrutiny. Some 10 companies with ties to KSA Consulting, a lobbying firm where Murtha's brother Robert is a senior partner, got $20.8 million in defense contracts. The Los Angeles Times in June reported that the funding was passed as part of the Pentagon's overall $417 billion spending bill. Roll Call recently reported Murtha leaning on Navy officials to transfer the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard to San Francisco on land whose rights were at one time held by a company whose top execs included Laurence Pelosi, a relative of Nancy Pelosi's. Murtha is widely credited with being a prime figure in getting Pelosi the Democratic minority leader job in the House. Pelosi's office said the suggestion Pelosi was involved in any impropriety was "absolutely ludicrous."

That's right Laurence Pelosi, nephew of Nancy Pelosi, Representative from San Francisco (where Hunter's Point NS is located), Mizz "Culture of Corruption herself.  And, coincidentally, the person who will be in the best position to get Jackie Poo into the House Majority Leader role he craves if the Democrats win control of the House.

Lotsa back scratchin' goin' on roun' here…..

But the family connections don't end there.  Here's more from that LA Times article the Village Voice references above.  Times article 

WASHINGTON — When Congress passed the $417-billion Pentagon spending bill last year, Rep. John P. Murtha, the top Democrat on the House defense appropriations subcommittee, boasted about the money he secured to create jobs in his Pennsylvania district.But the bill Murtha helped write also benefited at least 10 companies represented by a lobbying firm where his brother, Robert "Kit" Murtha, is a senior partner, according to disclosure records, interviews and an analysis of the bill by The Times.

Clients of the lobbying firm KSA Consulting — whose top officials also include former congressional aide Carmen V. Scialabba, who worked for Rep. Murtha for 27 years — received a total of $20.8 million from the bill.

Some folks have been making a big deal out of former Congressional staffers going to work for Lobbyists who end up making big, big bucks from what the congressman does. Jackie scratches Nancy's nnephew's back, back she scratches his.  Jackie scratches his brother's back, his brother gets the firms he represents to do this:

For the past three years, Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.), the ranking member of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, has been the No. 1 beneficiary of defense campaign donations in the House and has not fallen below No. 3 for Congress as a whole.

In fact, for just the 2006 cycle, Murtha ranks No. 1 overall, with $188,350 in donations from the defense industry. House Armed Services Committee Chairman Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) follows with $118,350.

In 2004, Murtha ranked behind only President Bush and his Democratic opponent, Sen. John Kerry, in overall defense-industry contributions, with $284,750.

And with Kerry out of the running, and Bush out of the way, guess who gets to be #1 on the Defense Campaign Donations Hit Parade…especially if he's on the House Defense Appropriations Committee AND is House Majority Leader.

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