Do al Queda and the Democrat Party Have the Same Press Agent?

This is the news release put out by the guy who succeeded Zarko. Read it carefully, it sounds like Jack Murtha’s:

“The ferocious war that is taking place in Iraq between the soldiers of truth and the soldiers of evil from the Crusaders and the apostate rejectionists is no secret to you. Three years have passed and your mujahidin sons are making the enemies taste the bitterness of defeat and disgrace. God willing, your sons have reached a decisive stage and our enemy is literally about to show us his back. “

Yep…they say we are losing, too

“Your sons in the Land of the Two Rivers are doing well. Today, they are stronger, more firm and more courageous than any time before. No matter how allied and how numerous the unbelievers are, they are defeated and vanquished and their nose is bleeding, as admitted by their leaders.”

Gee, I think he’s been reading the press releases of the Democrat party.

“You have seen how your Crusader enemy is begging the forces of his allies not to withdraw and leave him alone on the battle field. He now turned to the European countries and the tyrants of the Arab states asking them for their help and rescue from what has come to be known as 'The Iraqi Quagmire.'”

Now I’m convinced he’s reading the Democrat Party Press Releases…or the same guy is writing them.

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  1. Yeah, that’s the ticket. You have too much faith in your government. Until Americans wake up and realize that Republicans and Dems alike don’t represent their interests democracy is doomed.

    Money rules all on both sides of the aisle. Don’t delude yourself.

  2. Maybe I am just too cynical. Perhaps.

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