Moral Equivalency

 The man hits it right on the button:

Three American soldiers in Iraq have been charged with murder for the deaths of three prisoners of war. Meanwhile two captive American soldiers were slain by insurgents. Privates Kristian Menchaca and Thomas L. Tucker were tortured, killed barbarically, and their bodies left to be found wired with booby traps. For the insurgents it was cause for celebration. “We have executed the Exalted Almighty God's verdict on the two Crusader infidels we captured, by slaughtering them,” the Mujahedin Shura Council stated. “God is great. Glory be to God.”Any bets on which of these stories has more staying power? My guess is we won’t be hearing much more about Menchaca and Tucker. But the Iraqi prisoner deaths, along with two investigations into alleged illegal killings by Marines at Haditha and Hamdania, are stories that will be with us for a long time to come.

Why is it that the Anti-War Democrats and the media seem so intent on highlighting the infrequent bad acts of American Soldiers, which we investigate, prosecute, and punish, but take no time to dwell on the evil and barbaric acts of our enemy?

One reason might be that those who's only goal is to elect Democrats to Congress this November wish to continue making us the bad guy.  Showing our enemy for who he is would be counterproductive to that goal.

This guy basically says our guys deserved it because we did'nt follow the Geneva Convention with the Gitmo detainees and the supposed, alleged, never proven "torture" allegations of last year:
There's the same kind of comment on the Daily Kos, shown here cuz I don't want to add to thier hit count:

This is the old Liberal "Moral Equivalency" crap, but Dadmanly gets it right when he posts:

Geneva and Savagery, by Andrew C. McCarthy. Excerpt:

So exactly how are Islamic terrorists faring on Geneva’s “Do unto others” scorecard?
Well, the treaty’s provisions call for protecting civilians and civilian infrastructure. Al Qaeda targets civilians for mass murder and intentionally destroys civilian infrastructure.
The provisions call for membership in a regular military force which carries its arms openly. Al Qaeda’s idea of a weapon in open view is a hijacked jumbo jet in the seconds before it crashes into a building. Otherwise, it favors roadside bombs or high explosives concealed in vans burrowed in underground garages beneath bustling civilian skyscrapers.
The provisions call for wearing uniforms in order to distinguish members as authentic soldiers. Al Qaeda’s jihadists dress and conduct themselves ostensibly as civilians — the better to hide from real armies and lull actual civilians to their deaths.
The provisions call for treating captured enemy soldiers with the dignity and respect accorded to honorable prisoners of war: accounting for them, keeping them safe, allowing the International Committee of the Red Cross access to ensure their proper treatment.
Al Qaeda tortures and slaughters them.

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  1. Perhaps the reason that stories about Americans breaking the laws of war have more staying power is because as Americans we are supposed to hold ourselves to MUCH higher standards than some thug terrorists.

  2. That certainly is the reason why we prosecute any soldioer who violates the laws of war. OUr enemy, in contrast, rewards his for doing the same thing.

    But it doens’t explain the spin…or the fact that we will soon be unable to remember Menchaca and Tucker’s names, but will be intimately familiar with any of those that are accused of a war crime.

    Also not mentuioned is the factthat these young men were part of a larger, sccessful operation that killed the man who probably planned thier horrible deaths…..not kuch more than a peep on that, and you have to go to USCENTCOM or MNF Iraq to learn the details.

  3. I won’t defend the MSM.

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